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A Household in the US Spends About $150 on Groceries Every Week. In Europe, Families Spend About €125. In the Philippines, Families Can Buy Groceries for a Whole Month with $250.

My COVID Plan is Not Designed to Make You a Millionaire but it CAN Help You Get Through the Hard Times Ahead.


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As a Member of My COVID Plan You Will Have Your Own Affiliate Link. This Link is What You Should Share with Everyone You Know, So They Too Can Have Access to the Information that is Provided Inside My COVID Plan.

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Log into My COVID Plan Regularly to Follow the Daily Updates About the COVID “Pandemic” and the Unfolding Great Depression of the 21st Century. My COVID Plan Publishes Information, Insights and Opinions that the Mainstream Media Continues to Ignore and Suppress.

You Have the Right to Make Well-Informed Decisions in Your Life. My COVID Plan Helps You to Secure and Preserve that Right.


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Your Privacy Really Matters to Us
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Not Just About the Money

To Prove to Everyone that My COVID Plan is Not Just About the Money, We Invite All Free Members to Personally Get Involved in My COVID Plan.

When You Don’t Want to Pay for Your Upgrade, a Choice that We Appreciate and Respect, You Can Earn Your Upgrade by Writing or Producing EXCLUSIVE Content for My COVID Plan, for Any Section of the Website.

When We Accept Your Work, an Article, an Investigation, a Video Report or Even a Captivating Graphic We Will Upgrade Your Account.


Why Pay at All?

That is a good question, and there are several answers.

  1. You don’t have to pay. You can continue your life and forget all about My COVID Plan.

  2. You don’t have to pay if you don’t want to or if you can’t. There are ways to earn your upgrade. Either by writing or producing exclusive content for My COVID Plan or by referring members.

  3. The “new normal” and 4th industrial revolution society is a society where people will be forced to rely on government handouts only. That’s not why humans are born. Humans are born to be creative and productive. When everyone gets “free money” from the government people do not produce anymore and they are not creative anymore either.

  4. Activism in any form requires effort, dedication, patience and time. So, it’s only fair that those who actively participate get rewarded for it in return. The more active that you are, the more you can get rewarded.


About My COVID Plan

This section also includes the Conditions and Privacy Policy of the My COVID Plan citizen initiative and affiliate program.

By joining and participating in My COVID Plan you accept the Conditions and the Privacy Policy.

Citizen Initiative

My COVID Plan is a citizen initiative organized by Koen Jacobs, a Belgian national.

The mission of this citizen initiative is to help people from around the world to properly inform themselves about COVID-19, the “pandemic” and the true impact of governments, intergovernmental organizations, policy-steering NGOs and ‘influencers’ their actions and statements on people’s daily lives, their rights, and their liberties.

My COVID Plan is not associated with any political party, government, government agency, NGO, charity, influencer, news network, corporation, intergovernmental organization, forum, conference or committee.

Affiliate Program

The purpose of the affiliate program that is included in My COVID Plan is:

1. To generate funds for activism and awareness campaigns that are in line with the paid content provided inside this website’s members area.

2. To provide an additional income opportunity to people who are suffering financially due to economic and travel restrictions that are being imposed by their governments.

Privacy Policy

When you visit this website, My COVID Plan, the IP address, the browser and operating system that you use will be logged by the statistics software that is installed on this website. This is common practice for all websites that you visit on the internet. We use this logged data to measure our reach and influence. We do not share this information with any person, institution or agency.

When you register an account on this website you will be asked to provide your name and email address. My COVID Plan is aware that many people want to stay anonymous when being politically active or when being involved in activism. We do allow that members of this website input “anonymous” in the fields that are reserved for a member’s name during signup. However, when you want to receive the payment(s) that you are entitled to, through the affiliate program, you can be identifiable through the email address that you want to use to receive your earnings through PayPal.

Personal information that is provided during registration on this website is not shared with any person, institution or agency.


As a visitor or as a member of the My COVID Plan website you remain fully responsible for all your own actions and statements at all times, regardless of the information and opinions that are provided to you on this website. There are no exceptions, whatsoever, to this rule.

We do not guarantee that this website will be available uninterrupted.

We do not guarantee that all the information provided on this website is complete or true, since the ongoing and escalating information wars are designed to misguide and manipulate populations.

Information provided on this website should not be regarded as financial or medical advice in any way.

You may use your earnings through the affiliate program to unlock the paid content of this website. You will not be awarded an affiliate commission on your own one-time payment to access the paid content. Commission payments are processed every first week of the following month. The minimum payout is US$10. When your account balance has not reached this threshold your account balance will be carried over to the next month.

When you are a minor, below 18 or 21 years old (depending on your place of residence), you must consult your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) before registering a My COVID Plan account.